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Best Beaches in La Paz Mexico

artist rendition of La Paz Mexico

Playa Balandra

If you are seeking an earthly Eden, look no further than this location. Tucked away a mere thirty minutes from La Paz, and nestled near the tip of Baja California, lies Playa Balandra – a definite feast for the senses, and an oasis of beauty.

This natural wonder is endowed with dramatic red hills and peppered with cacti that stand guard on these immaculate beaches, which are widely regarded as some of the most scenic spots in all of Mexico.

The expansive bay stretches out into the horizon and its pristine white sand dunes meet the deep blue waters. Here you can see the turquoise waves harmoniously lap against the stone cliffs before making their quiet exit into the thicket of mangrove trees.

Playa Balandra is one of the most exquisite beaches that Mexico has to offer. The soft velvety sand and the calm sheltered lagoon provide the perfect backdrop for taking a leisurely swim. This beautiful component has become a prime feature of what makes this city so attractive.

The shallow waters make it a family-friendly destination and ideal for young children to safely explore. One can embark on a scenic route that travels along the length of the bay all way to the other side. Don't forget to take in the full scope of this amazing vista.

artistic rendition of Playa Balandra
Playa Balandra

In addition to swimming, you can enjoy an array of outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing, snorkeling, stand-up paddleboarding, and kayaking. Rental equipment is available, guaranteeing that you can enjoy all of these activities with ease.

The most prominent feature of this breathtaking location is the crescent-shaped bay with its contrasting backdrop. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for “El Hongo” (Mushroom Rock), an unusual rock outcropping that can be reached by wading out into the bay. It's the perfect Instagram worthy spot for a memorable photo opportunity.

Offshore from Playa Balandra lies Isla Espiritu Santo, an even more spectacular destination. With it's grand views it's a must-see for any lover of natural beauty. However, it is best to bring your own towels and snacks as there are no facilities or cafes nearby.

Whether you're searching for a relaxing day by the water or the perfect background for a stunning photo, Playa Balandra is the quintessential destination that is sure to meet all your desires. Come and witness the majesty of this earthly paradise for yourself!

artistic rendition of Playa El Tecolote
artistic rendition of Playa El Tecolote

Playa El Tecolote

Tecolote Beach is a splendid alternative for those searching for a sandy shoreline with ample things to do. It's a prevalent locale for swimming, sunbathing, and having picnics.

Tecolote Beach presents a remarkable location for guests of all ages. Not only do you have access to washrooms, but there are also many more activities to partake in other than basking on the coast and listening to the waves. There is enough going on here to keep everyone in the family engaged.

Guests can rent kayaks, jet skis, and paddleboards to explore the neighboring area. Espiritu Santo Island is a brief vessel excursion away and presents an excellent opportunity to snorkel and observe the underwater wildlife.

There are also abundant restaurants and bars situated on or near the beach, making it simple to discover a spot to take a moment and take pleasure in the panorama. The three brand new seafood restaurants on this exact stretch possess some of the most exquisite places along the shoreline where you can unwind and make a purchase from their menu.

If you are searching for a beach day excursion from nearby locations like Cabo San Lucas, then the optimal preference is Tecolote Beach. The calm and secluded vibe that this location extends will make your retreat feel all the more worthwhile.

artist rendition of Playa Pinchilingue
Artistic rendition of Playa Pinchilingue

Playa Pichilingue

If you're searching for an exquisite beach destination in La Paz that rivals the well-known El Tecolote, Playa Pichilingue is your go-to spot. This serene waterside location holds an array of restaurants that serve top-notch seafood (I highly suggest trying the chocolate clams!)

One of the striking features of this beach is that it is rarely crowded despite its proximity to the port. It's not surprising why many people visit or even reside in this area. The general atmosphere is relaxed and it's evident in the authentic Mexican ambiance.

You can interact with the locals who often spend their leisure time here. Who knows, you might even come across a celebrity or two.

If you're a fan of serene beach days complemented with excellent cuisine and gorgeous vistas, Playa Pichilingue is the ultimate destination for you.

Playa El Coromuel
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Playa El Coromuel

El Coromuel, a small beachside town located on the coast of La Paz, is the perfect place to loosen up and take in this breathtaking setting.

You can find a collection of fun activities to do here such as sunbathing, swimming, exploring the nearby coral reef, and fishing. El Coromuel also offers an opportunity to relish the local seafood cuisine that features some of the freshest catches of the day.

The destination is accessible by car, bus, or plane, which makes it a convenient spot for tourists from around the world. The charming town is renowned for its laid-back vibe and pristine beaches that will surely make you forget the city's hustle and bustle.

So if you're looking to escape the stress of everyday life, visit El Coromuel and enjoy its serene atmosphere, spectacular views, and friendly people.

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Playa La Concha

El Concha, a beach resort located in La Paz, Mexico, is a mesmerizing destination that boasts stunning features. One of the most prominent highlights of the resort is the elegant Playa la Concha Hotel, situated between two imposing rocky promontories.

The resort is located on the magnificent Playa la Concha, a captivating expanse of a white sandy beach that offers an ideal setting for activities like swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying panoramic views. Additionally, La Concha hotel provides guests with a luxurious stay with a range of amenities to ensure that their visit is pleasant.

The beach itself is exceptionally clean and well-maintained, with a plentiful supply of sun loungers and umbrellas to provide shade for visitors. La Concha hotel overlooks the beach so guests can enjoy unparalleled views from their rooms and balconies.

When ready to explore beyond the resort, guests will find that El Concha is surrounded by various shops, restaurants, and attractions that add to its allure. Moreover, numerous restaurants and bars in the vicinity of the resort offer refreshments, making it easy to stay vitalized.

El Concha is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the remarkable beauty of the resort's natural surroundings. Whether you're seeking a relaxing getaway or an action-packed vacation, El Concha has something special to offer everyone.

Playa El Caimancito

Playa Caimancito is an exclusive coastal stretch, located a few short minutes from La Paz, Mexico. This covert paradise offers more than a peaceful escape; it's an oasis of natural wonders that present the perfect opportunity for visitors to loosen up and unwind.

This is one of the best places to fully bask in the beach experience. Playa Caimancito's crystal-clear water offers the ideal spot for swimming, snorkeling, and other activities to explore marine life. On land the beach’s diverse landscape will keep visitors engaged. With ample space to lounge in the sun or stroll the shores, the beach is a haven of quietness and solitude.

Playa el Caimancito has an environment of natural beauty. The beach's powdery sand combined with the gentle waves creates a breathtaking scene that will leave even the most discerning traveler intrigued. Unlike other beaches near downtown La Paz, Playa Caimancito maintains its serene ambiance with no vendors to distract from its tranquility.

Whether you're looking to escape from the humdrum of daily life or merely seeking a day of relaxation by the shore, Playa Caimancito has everything you need to soothe your soul.

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Playa Tesoro

Playa Tesoro is undoubtedly one of the most captivating and family-friendly beaches in all of La Paz, Mexico. Its stunning views, revitalizing waters, and facilities are unmatched by any other beach in the area. The tides here are low enough to take a walk into them safely without any worries.

The charm of Playa Tesoro doesn't stop there. The waters are incredibly calm thanks to the high peninsulas at the top and bottom ends of the beach which provide more shelter to the beach than others. To add to its appeal, there is an extremely shallow sand shelf that allows little ones to paddle around without going too deep, making it great for families with children.

Don't forget to indulge in the local cuisine while you're here. Restaurante El Tesoro offers open-air cantinas, where you'll find delicious ceviche, salads, fish tacos, and cocktails, among other things. Now if that's not enough to entice you, there's also a legend attached to this beach.

It is said that pirates hid their treasure on this very beach centuries ago, and some gold coins and pearls were found there years ago.

Despite its incredible offerings, Playa Tesoro remains a hidden gem, so you'll never have to worry about crowds. La Paz is full of breathtaking beaches and each has its own unique charm. For instance, Playa Balandra offers stunning views, while other bays are home to rare marine life such as sea lions.

La Paz Baja California Beaches

With so many beaches to explore, La Paz has become a world-renowned tourist destination. The calm waters and excellent amenities on most beaches make this a destination that you're sure never to forget. Don't forget to add trips to the Isla Espiritu Santo and its nearby islands to your bucket list, as they offer a wide range of activities from whale watching, sport fishing, kayaking, and jet skiing to family-friendly beaches. Whether you're a thrill-seeker or a relaxation aficionado, La Paz has something for everyone, making it the perfect vacation spot.

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